Rebecca and James married last July in St David’s Church, Miskin followed by reception in stunning scenery of Llanderch Vineyard.

I was asked to come to meet James at the pub shortly before the ceremony where he was “relaxing” with his family and friends. It was a big privilege to be a “surprise” to him as a gift from his “in a minute to be wife”. It really made me feel special and I really hope he liked having a personal photographer too 🙂

Weddings are wonderful. When you feel this buzz of enjoyment, love overfilling every room, happiness emanating from guests … wow! this is so contagious! I have to say when you meet people like this the job doesn’t feel like job anymore. You feel like a guest with a camera as you are being accepted and feel like part of the family.

I really loved when the party has moved to beautiful Llanderch Vineyard for the second part of their celebration. This venue is absolutely stunning and I was so hoping for a romantic settings including the sun, beautiful alleys of vineyard with their swirling and curling branches where we could take some breathtaking images. I didn’t expect the bride would be carried over the fence to make a short cut risking her dress being trashed but hey, that was awesome and so cool and we managed to take absolutely amazing photos (see some samples below and don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts)

Being South Wales wedding photographer you get to appreciate those picturesque lands and beautiful wedding venues, the weather, which is never guaranteed with a tendency of actually getting so much depend on it and stressed about, especially on your wedding day. Although its hard to believe anything like this would happen to this lovely couple on their special day. Everything seemed absolutely perfect. I was really enjoying capturing some scenes full of laughter and lovely family connections. As always, I got to shed a tear during the speeches and this is already some kind of a norm for me.

I need to say the biggest, massive THANK YOU to Owen Mathias who invited me to shoot with him this wonderful wedding. Its hard not to feel this overwhelming gratitude as Owen happens to be the most patient and coolest guy I ever came across. Top photographer, teacher and friend (go and check out his work!)

Thank you to Bek and James for having me, feeding me and being so kind all the way through. Wish you never-ending love, connection and partnership for years to come.


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