Beth and Yves’s wedding was a truly magical experience. They married in stunning scenery of Cotswolds, Stone Barn with every single detail being just breathtaking and simply perfect. Barn weddings are my favourite with their raw character, dim light and often remote location, they create fantastic atmosphere and cosy feel of country side.

The bride and groom looked like from a wedding magazine cover and the venue, flowers, food, music band and entertainment – everything was just what wedding photographer in Cotswolds can ask for. Beautiful weather, remote location, fantastic and fun guests and beautiful couple + the recipe for amazing photos!

Beth and Yves were getting ready in the Cats Abbey, a stylish barn located just around the corner from their wedding reception. This full of character place can accommodate up to around 30 people so its ideal for weddings and holidays bookings to spend some quality time with your loved ones. I loved watching the two families with traditions behind, becoming one. Guests mingling and joining together on that day to celebrate the love, the family, the union.

Working alongside Wojtek Chrapek was fun and I really appreciate I could join him to photograph such an amazing couple and their wedding day. Its a real privilege to be part of people’s lives, witness their intimate moments and document their love.  Its a privilege to be a wedding photographer. Thank you for letting me a part of your journey.

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