Wow! I dont know where to start! When Aga Tomaszek asked me to second shoot this wedding with her I was over the moon. Then she said what is the venue and place and I was shivering from the excitement. The Richard Booth  bookshop is the very first book shop in Hay-on-Wye, small welsh town placed just at the top, right corner of beautiful and picturesque Breacon Beacons National Park. This town is famous for its Festival of Literature and Arts happening every year and attracting 500 000 visitors from around the world between May and June. I will definitely be going back there this year.

Polly and Dan was fun. Absolutely relaxed and smiley and it seemed they marry on average once a week and have mastered very single part of weddings! The wedding started in the Richard Booth’s book shop with drinks and nibbles and warm up chit chat with friends and family. The party moved to a beautiful  Medieval Barn in neighbouring Clyro for food and dancing.

Even though it was November the weather was not so bad, a bit cloudy but clouds actually made the day and photos looking moody and full of character. Only shame its got dark very quickly and we couldn’t shoot the party outdoors to capture those stunning sceneries of local landscapes and breathtaking features.

I really liked the fact there was quite a few kids at the party. Full of life and no matter what the age gap they seemed they were the best friends and they really enjoyed the celebration crashing by the end on chairs out of tiredness. Lovely family, great speeches with great sense of humour and lots of singing. I will definitely remember this wedding for a very long time.

Thank you Aga, for having me there with you and being a great guide and not loosing your patience with me ha ha ha!

Thank you Dan and Polly for putting a trust in having me there while you were celebrating your most important day of your lives. All the best for your new life, new journey, new beginning.


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