Hi ! I am Aga.

I am a South Wales wedding photographer based in Cardiff, although I happily travel across the country and beyond boarders to capture the most important day of your life.

Weddings are my favourite type of photography. My aim is to take photos that will make your eyes water. That will bring a huge smile on your face and all unforgettable emotions from the day.

With weddings being my favourite I shoot photos that tell stories. Two families becoming one, two hearts joined together, forever, extended family and friends witnessing the new beginning…. stories of lovers,  how they were brought together; who they have become as a couple.  But I live to find the bigger stories that lie within the smaller details – how the contrasts, the contradictions and the creativity that aren’t so obvious.

Choosing me to be your wedding photographer is my biggest privilege. You can expect me to be there, but to be quite transparent. This allows me to capture the most natural emotions and moments that you will cherish for life. I don’t pose people. Posing is outdated. I wouldn’t want people to feel awkward and uncomfortable. Instead I walk around with my camera and blend in as if I was one of the guests. I love candid shots and I am working very hard to become the Queen of Candidness ( I made up this term. Obviously)  😉

When working, I always give everything out of myself, so you can expect my photos  to be really creative and unique. I always want to feel proud of my work and I want you to feel proud to decorate your walls for the next fifty years and have this wonderful reminder of where your love story began. 

I am constantly learning, developing and  looking for inspiration. Sometimes it is a new location, a breath taking landscape, or even a talented client. It’s PEOPLE that drive my work, opening my eyes to something new all the time.

But hey, this is not about me. Its about you. Would you tell me your story??

Aga x