So you’re looking for something a bit different?

You want to be relaxed on your big day but still sure that every moment is documented and captured as it happens and how it happens. No matter where you’re getting married you can have the photography you know will suit you and your guests. We can discuss travel arrangements when we meet, but there’s nowhere in Europe you won’t be able to drag me and my camera to capture your big day.

There’s just so much about weddings that suit a documentary style of photography, the capturing of emotions and stories in single frames so you can relive the day throughout your lives makes what I do feel so special.

There are a million photographers out there and they each approach weddings in their unique way. If you care about capturing the truth, natural beauty and the ‘togetherness’ of two families becoming one then we should certainly have a conversation.

You won’t be posed. You won’t feel awkward. There’s nothing you’ll be asked to do that you don’t want to do. There’s nothing worse than a bossy photographer that doesn’t fit in with your family and guests, and you certainly don’t want that.

You want to enjoy your day, you want to feel excited, happy and relaxed. It’s what I want for you too.

Before we start you need to tell me everything and ask me every single silly question that pops into your head. Once we’ve got to know each other you can decide if I’m ‘just like all the others’ or trust that we’d make the perfect team to create some awesome, heartfelt images together on your wedding day.