My aim is to make you feel glamorous, comfortable and most importantly natural, to capture the essence of such a special moment. 
A truly unforgettable day with the reminder always in your hearts, your photo albums and the picture frames on the walls of your home.

With my camera and your guests, I want to create a timeless collection of laughs, tears and silly dance floor moves that you and your loved ones can cherish for years to come.
I’m bursting with ideas for fabulous shots but first and foremost, I want you to have fun!

No matter the weather or location, it is my passion to deliver pieces that portray perfectly the emotion felt on that day. 

I would love to meet with you to genuinely get to know you, whether you are camera shy or the life of the party; what your ideals and ideas are and every detail in between.

And so, I invite you to my portfolio.
It is a gallery that I take great pride in as it is a true representation of who I am and my style of work. Through reportage, I aspire to document events just as they happen to compose a symphony of images that tell my audience a story with heartfelt sentiment. 

Please do enjoy. I look forward to hearing from you.

Aga x